June 2, 2020

The Yard Cafe

The Yard Cafe is a newcomer to the Greenwood scene, and for this cousin of The Dray in Ballard, it seems to be less about the food and more about providing a tasty accompaniment to beer and good times. The expansive graveled area out front, complete with big picnic tables and heating implements, accommodates a big crowd and will be super popular on these warm summer days and into the chilly evenings. There’s a big patio just above that graveled area, good for standing and leaning and getting under cover when the weather is warm enough to be outside but a bit too soggy to be down below. There isn’t a whole lot of seating inside, but the big table in the nook and the bar look to be particularly inviting.

One of the best things we sampled on our recent visit came early in the meal, when we started with freshly-made chips and a side of bean dip. The name didn’t promise a whole lot, but there was something about this particular bean dip that made it creamy and delicious, and frankly much better than our other chosen side of guacamole. Avocado made another appearance in the Crab and Shrimp Stack, an impressively constructed tower of avocado salsa and crab topped with tequila shrimp. Visually quite something, but with such finely shredded bits of crab that its flavor was barely discernable. The tacos and tortas we had were perfectly fine, but definitely not something to write home about. The carne asada, carnitas, adobada, and tomatillo chicken options for both all sounded entirely promising, just not as flavorful as I might have hoped.

None of the four of us tried any of the platters, and next time I return I’d definitely order the Grilled Fish Veracruz from that part of the menu. And the bean dip, of course, along with my delicious beer, two things that The Yard does extremely well.

[Photos courtesy of David Franzen]

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