February 21, 2020

The District Lounge

On this, my third visit to The District Lounge, I wanted to like it. I really really did, but I just couldn’t quite get there. Mostly it’s the space, I think, as I haven’t tried a whole lot of the menu. Though if I’m not interested in sticking around long enough to sample much of the menu that’s a bad sign, right?

I suspect that it aims to be low-ceilinged and cozy, but is too sparsely furnished and even with multiple banquettes has too many edges to achieve this. Is it trying for neighborhood bar, hotel restaurant (as it’s in the lower level of the Hotel Deca), or live music venue? Seems to want to be all of those things, but I’ve been there in each of those capacities and left feeling wanting. Perhaps absolutely extraordinary, fabulous service would tip the scale and entice me back, but sadly, the disinterested version at The District Lounge just isn’t doing it for me.

An upscale lounge in the U-District? I’d love one! Let me know when The District makes some changes and I’ll give it another go…

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, I’ve tried to hunker down and enjoy a beverage here myself a few times and it just doesn’t have the right personality (or a personality).