June 2, 2020


I’m quite sure that I wouldn’t have made my way to Nook – or at least not for a long while – were it not for Angela’s persistence. This is another one of those quirky Ave gems, and I say quirky because the first time we tried to go there they were inexplicably closed mid-week. And the day we actually made it inside for lunch, in fact, they soft-closed for half an hour in order to do some biscuit baking. But unlike some restaurants that aren’t worth the hassle, this one is, even when you consider the small scope of its mini menu.

It’s a tiny, uh, nook of a space, mostly counter and kitchen with just a few two-person booths. The window pane print cloth tops on the booths, and black and mint green color scheme, all make it feel straightforwardly cheery. The chalkboard menu concept fits quite well here, especially knowing that items on it actually do change frequently or at least are tweaked a bit here and there, so no need to put the offerings in print.

 As mentioned the menu isn’t expansive, but – and I speak with some biscuit experience – the biscuits are absolutely delicious. Good thing, given that they’re the basis of almost everything on offer. On this particular day we sampled two sandwiches, the ham, brie, and chutney version; and the goat cheese, egg, tomato jam, and arugula version; and both were melty and flaky in all the right ways. Along with freshly-baked biscuits there are freshly-baked cookies, and I’d say the latter rival my favorite, my very own. When you go, other things you might want to try include the build-your-own biscuits and gravy, and the sweet Nutella and banana. They’re even doing a grilled cheese happy hour Wednesday through Friday, 4-6pm, and late night biscuits and gravy, 10pm – 1am.

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