July 12, 2020


Continuing the trend of local chefs opening multiple restaurants – the two in Ballard in my last post a good example — Thierry Rautureau recently debuted his own new addition in Madison Park, Luc. Luc is the more casual cousin to neighbor Rover’s, and part of what seems to be another trend: established chefs opening nearby or adjoining spaces with food that is more casual and often more accessibly priced. Two very new additions, Tom Douglas’ Seatown Snack Bar and Christine Keff’s On the Fly all follow this line.

Luc has a very warm interior, with various walls of mustard, pumpkin, and reddish brown, and cool vintage light fixtures over the bar. The restaurant has a great layout: tables up front, including a couple of coveted spots in the front windows, bar in the middle, and tables as well as a door to the outside patio in the back.

After starting with two versions of the arugula salad, mine with a delicious combination of bing cherries, caramelized shallots, fleur de sel, and olive oil, the main event arrived: roasted whole salt crust chicken, that day’s “specialty to be shared.” The server presented the chicken to us, gave it a good whack to crack the crust, then whisked it away to carve and serve.

When the chicken returned it was accompanied by green beans and a side of farro to share. It’s hard to do justice to how tender and fabulously salty this chicken was, and with the addition of the pan juices without a doubt some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. They’re not messing around with this salt crust business – now I just need to figure out how to make this salty goodness happen at home!

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