November 12, 2019

Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor

My last stop for Seattle Restaurant Week was a return visit to Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor in Ravenna. I’m a big fan of the bar side of the house and frequent visitor for happy hour. There is something so inviting about the diminutive size of the space, all of that warm wood, and some of the best bartenders around – not to mention delicious cocktails like the Dover Calais (Old Tom gin, St. Germain, and Chartreuse) and one of my personal favorites, the steak sliders.

Three of us, three options for each of the courses in the prix fixe menu. Of course we would try one of each! The starters included a Waldorf salad with the traditional grapes, apples, celery, walnuts, and a honey mustard vinaigrette; baked oysters with garlic scallion butter and bread crumbs; and my favorite of the three, the very creamy cream of parsnip soup topped with what must be the same crispy leeks that appear on the ever-fabulous goat cheese deviled eggs.

I haven’t had a whole lot of excellent trout in my life so I’m not predisposed to love it, but I thought that the cornmeal fried trout was nicely paired with the tomato stewed okra and grits. (Or maybe I just really love grits!) The butternut squash gnocchi was nicely crisped in kari leaf browned butter, and the side of also-crisp kale made this my favorite of the mains. Though this pot roast was a close second. Not especially fancied-up, just a delicious slow roast served with the usual vegetable assortment and a particularly good potato puree.

I’m afraid that the champagne sorbet was at a distinct disadvantage – even with its lovely minted grapefruit – when put up against two fabulously chocolate-y options. The bourbon brownie sundae with orange marmalade ice cream, chocolate sauce, and pecans was good, no doubt. But GREAT: This absolute brick of chocolate in the form of a ganache-dipped chocolate ice cream sandwich with a center of peanut butter ice cream. Yep, it was as yummy as it sounds.

Sad that you missed out on Seattle Restaurant Week? You’re in luck, because Dine Around Seattle started on November 1 and continues all month. It’s a similar deal – three courses, but $30 for this version. And some also do lunch for $15, so if it’s easier for you to get out during the day than in the evening there is still a chance to participate. It’s a terrific way to bust out of your routine and try restaurants you might not otherwise…

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