October 23, 2017

Calamity Jane’s

You know those restaurants that are all about their fresh ingredients and healthy preparation? Georgetown’s Calamity Jane’s is SO not that restaurant. It’s more in the style of down home cooking, with favorites like the catfish sandwich and biscuits and gravy, with the occasional Seattle-y entrée (a la the grilled portobello sandwich) thrown in for good measure. And perhaps the best part? One of the options for sides, along with more traditional things like soup and chips: Cheetos. I saw an unmistakable flash of bright orange at the next table and thought, oh YEA.

Happy hour at Calamity Jane’s is perhaps best epitomized by one of its drink offerings: PBR Tall Boys for $1.50. Sure there are cool neighborhood-brewed draft beers for $3.50 (I sampled Georgetown Brewing Company’s Choppers Red Ale) and a buck off wine and liquor, but somehow PBR seems a most fitting accompaniment for the menu.

On our visit, we made our way through the spread of deliciousness you see below: pulled pork sliders on hotel rolls with American cheese and BBQ sauce, gyoza dumplings with chili garlic and citrus soy dipping sauces and without a doubt the most fun item of the evening, the G-town smokies simmered in Manny’s Pale Ale and the house made mustard. Check out the tiny glass keg holding the party picks — I love it!

Lest you get the wrong idea, and think that there isn’t a green in sight at Calamity Jane’s, the menu is really quite diverse. And salads? You betcha. In fact, it’s probably the spinach salad that I’ll have on my next visit, with fresh spinach, strawberries, almonds, shallots and chevre, served with a poppy seed dressing. Just one of the salad offerings on the menu, so you could even have your PBR Tall Boy AND a delicious salad all at the same time.

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