July 8, 2020

Breakfast joints

Dear Alix,

Help! I’ve worn a path to my same old breakfast spots and need some suggestions for other places to try. No specific area of town in mind…

Thanks in advance!

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Ah, the never-ending search for a good breakfast that doesn’t also come with a line out the door. On occasion the line is worth it, but more often than not I think there are plenty of places that will fill the bill and don’t require a long wait.

By no means a comprehensive list, but some of my favorites:

  • Oddfellows Cafe – It’s not fancy food or a particularly extensive breakfast menu, but they have some interesting options and I like the big, open interior. Also, you get to soak up some of the hipster Capitol Hill vibe along with your latte.
  • Hangar Cafe – Situated in an old house a little bit off the Georgetown strip, Hangar Café has fantastic sweet and savory crepes. If you’re not up for the trip to Georgetown, sibling Citizen Coffee in Queen Anne has a similar menu with a totally different interior vibe.
  • Café Soleil – Talk about no lines! I’ve never had to wait for a table at this sunny, corner spot in Madrona, and they serve good, solid American breakfast. Curiously, the menu turns to Ethiopian for dinner, something I definitely need to check out.
  • Vera’s – If it’s a dive-y, diner-y experience that you that you’re looking for, Vera’s in Ballard is a good bet, as is The Shanty in lower Queen Anne. Country fried steak? Yum.
  • Le Pichet – If you like the French-y version of breakfast, and I do, Le Pichet downtown on First Ave just east of Pike Place Market is one of my favorites. Whenever I go, no matter weekday or weekend morning, it’s always fun and bustling and somehow cozy all at the same time.
  • Verve – I just went to this Columbia City wine bar for the first time, and I said it then and will say it again that my breakfast was one of the best I’ve had in the city. Sunny, happy atmosphere and absolutely delicious, interesting food. Great combo, no?
  • Volterra – One of the best in the upscale brunch category. If savory herb bread pudding topped with two eggs, asparagus tips and smoked Gouda cream isn’t enough to get you to Ballard, I don’t know what is.
  • Bakery Nouveau – Although there are several fantastic bakeries in the city, West Seattle’s Bakery Nouveau is worth the drive for a breakfast of the quiche-y and pastry-y variety.
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    1. Erica Mills says:

      Love all of these suggestions! We recently ate brunch at Toulouse Petit. Probably the best breakfast I've had in Seattle (and I've eaten my fair share!). The beignets alone are worth finding parking in lower Queen Anne. I had the mushroom omelette. The mushrooms are sauted in truffle oil. Nuff said.

    2. Alix Compton says:

      Erica, so glad to hear that you loved Toulouse Petit. I've had a good brunch there but was overwhelmed by the interior. Though I clearly missed out on the beignets; I bet they would go a long way toward distracting me from anything else happening around me!