June 2, 2020

A diversity of restaurant recs, all from the must-not-be missed list

Dear Alix,

A friend of mine and I have both taken new jobs that (sadly) will result in both of us needing to leave our beloved Seattle. We’ve got a couple of months before we each depart, so are hoping to pick a couple of great places to eat. Can you recommend a few of your favorites?


 – Prematurely Nostalgic for Seattle

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Nostalgic,

Just a couple of places to go before you depart our fair city? Sheesh – I hope that you aren’t leaving any time soon because it’s a bit of a list. And this is the short version; I reserve the right to update the post should more inspiration strike. It’s tough in a town with food this great!

Now, before we go diving into the food, we really should start with a cocktail, no? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I find all sorts of excellent drinks all over the city, but before leaving you really should visit Murray Stenson at Zig Zag for one last cocktail concoction. After all, the guy is a Seattle institution, and Zig Zag was named by GQ as America’s Best Cocktail Bar.

A quick jaunt up from the Harbor Steps could take you right to Matt’s in the Market, which has my favorite lamb burger in town, direct from Don & Joe’s Meats in the market. Or you might continue up to Belltown and gastropub Spur, besides having some of the most gorgeous food photography on their website, has the incredible salmon crostini. When you can get it, of course – that’s the only trouble with the rotating seasonal menu is that you fall in love with a dish and then it’s replaced by something else, hopefully equally as delicious.

Speaking of seasonal menus, if the escolar crudo is on the menu the day you go into How to Cook a Wolf, order it immediately. Once there, you’ll see why I love the place – one of the warmest interiors in town. Another Queen Anne favorite is Emmer & Rye, and while I’d go there just for the farro fries (and do, in fact), stay for a while and sample some of the other fantastic items on the menu.

Some of my other favorite things? The macarons at Honore Bakery in Ballard, quiche at Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle, and ramen (medium firm, of course) at the Samurai Noodle in the International District. Now that I’m thinking Asian… I wouldn’t miss the Korean-French fusion happening at Joule, or the Korean-Hawaiian goodness of the Marination Mobile truck. Two ends of the dining spectrum, I suppose, but both delicious. And last but not least, if you haven’t already sampled the pasta at Capitol Hill’s Spinasse get ready, because it will knock your socks off. FOOD & WINE says so.

Go forth and eat, Prematurely Nostalgic, and let me know what good food finds you come upon in your new locale!