July 8, 2020

Mad Homes

There are interesting artistic endeavors happening all around the Seattle area, and I’m grateful for friends who keep an eye out for openings/installations/performances that would be fun to go check out.

Thanks to Jessica, a bunch of us trooped off to Capitol Hill to walk through Mad Homes, an offshoot of the MadArt Series that has been making an appearance in Madison Park for the last two years. This version took place in several unoccupied (and one occupied!) structures slated for demolition. In some cases, there were large pieces of art outside on the lawn…

Meg Hartwig: Field Dressing
…and in a couple of instances the art encased the structure itself:

SuttonBeresCuller: Ties That Bind

 I love that the entire house was cris-crossed by strapping line, and that the same strapping line extended throughout the house. You see it incorporated into the piece below, painted on the stairs themselves:

Jason Puccinelli & Elizabeth Potter

The same concept of an image appearing from a particular perspective is used in the second piece, a series of larger and smaller globes staged at various heights:

Jason Puccinelli & Elizabeth Potter: Philtering

A couple of my other favorites included this piece composed of string:

Allyce Wood: Habitancy

And most envelopingly, the room entirely wallpapered and floored in shirts:

Luke Haynes: Interiors #1 (Wall Clothes)


Although Mad Homes is no more, keep an eye on the MadArt website for art popping up in the future. Who knows where next you might see a structure encased entirely in shrink wrap?


  1. The Allyce Wood piece is so inspirational to me! Thanks for sharing these fun pieces. This exhibit reminds me of the hidden installation in SODO last year: http://blog.buildllc.com/2010/05/tomb-a-very-private-exhibit/ Great send-offs for formerly-loved buildings.