July 8, 2020

Not-Your-Usual Summer Activities, Part II

In the spirit of more summer activities that might not be on your radar…

Last Saturday night Aran and I communed with a smattering of other people on the beach at Carkeek Park to watch the sun go down over Puget Sound and listen to a piece by Nat Evans composed for the occasion. You can read the write-up about it here, in the Seattle Times article where Aran first heard about this happening. It was the perfect setting, the tail end of a beautiful summer day, and there we were perched on the end of a log watching this sunset emerge, and listening to the composition. It’s not something that I would probably have chosen otherwise – I usually favor more melodic, traditional music – but sitting there on the beach and knowing that others around me were doing the same thing, it felt just right. Incidentally, we didn’t hang around to view the sculptures referenced in the article, but spotted a few as we made our way into the park and on to the beach, and I would encourage you to go check them out.

If you happen to be downtown today at lunch, you might spot me in the crowd at Westlake Center taking in the classic soul and funk of Wheedle’s Groove. The concert is part of the Out to Lunch series offered by the Downtown Seattle Association and the Metropolitan Improvement District, and one of the things in that nifty brochure that I mentioned in last week’s post that I’m actually going to do.

Sadly, another event will keep me away, otherwise I would definitely be at the Moon Viewing at the Japanese Gardens next Saturday night, August 13. Check out Brown Paper Tickets for a full description of all of the activities involved, including a Tsukimi Chakai (Moon Viewing Tea) in the Shoseian Teahouse and a chance to hear haiku about the moon and enter your own haiku in the Moon Viewing poetry contest. I’m a fan of anything that involves the space being “magically lit with lanterns, luminaries and floating boats.”